Trails test

The only way to get the to truth is to expose the trails.  The trails are true whether you believe them or not.

If the trails were exposed we could see inside the VA. We could see if the VA is actually being fixed or if it is just made to look better from the outside. We could see iff the patterns that lead to VA Secretary Eric Shinseki resigning in 2014 remain.

Three examples. Can any power expose these trails?

1) Medicine trails - 2 VA's 1 not 4 fills - Medicine bottles from two VA's are labeled to make it appear that 4 fills were sent when only 1 fill was sent.

2) POA VA trail trail - Power of Attorney I gave the VA in 2009. I can't get it out of the VA records. I'm told different stories. They just don't have to allow you to resind it. It's against the law but they are above the law.

3) POA AZDVS trail. Power of Attorney I gave the AZDVS (Arizona Department of Veterans Services) Document trail - Brian ONeil's February 2, 2012. Receivied by the Phoenix VA on February 7, 2012. It took me four and a half years to see a copy of this. No one in the AZDVS or VA recognizes it.