The media is needed to tell people how the accounting fraudsters work. Government won't tell. The first thing the fraudsters do is divide, destabilize, and destroy the family they victimize. Divide and conquer. It's the perfect cover.



0 refills 2013

The withholding of medicine has costs me thousands of dollars for outside care. The new VA interactive web site is a huge improvement for tracking medicine. It allows a veteran to see and print out his medicine status and to request refills. It the veteran is blocked from using this website he or she is left in the dark.

"0 refills remaining" in the records of the VA website month after month means medicine was withheld. To get to the truth follow the trail of each medicine in the records of the VA website

Senator John McCain tried to help me with the VA. The VA Director basically told Senator McCain there was no problem and if there were it was my fault.

The director's word is automatically taken taken against the veteran's word when the evidence such as medicine trails and document trials are not assessable. I believe this pattern of not exposing and recognizing trails explains the nationwide surprises in 2014.