The media is needed to tell people how the accounting fraudsters work. Government won't tell. The first thing the fraudsters do is divide, destabilize, and destroy the family they victimize. Divide and conquer. It's the perfect cover.



Arizona Department of Veteran's Services
The VA and the AZDVS are not supposed to frame veterans.

On June 17, 2012, I applied for a VA "economic pension" at the Arizona Department of Veteran's Services (AZDVS) in Prescott, Arizona. This pension is for veterans who live below the poverty line. It brings their income up to the poverty line. It is supposed to be automatic for veterans over 65 who live under the poverty line. No adjudication is required.

There is something very strange about the number of power sources that attack my character right out of the block. Sources that I never new exsisted much less had contact with. It's as if the FBI had put out an all points bulletin to disempower me. Of course the FBI would not do this. What is it? What is the secrect?

Please judge for yourself. Does Mr. Brian O"Neil of AZDVS make it appear as if I was trying to deceive someone with my hand written "Combat Action Medal" with my initials "AMO" on my DD214?

Jananuary 31, 2012, (9:34am) Brian O’Neill [Arizona Department of Veterans' Service in Prescott, Arizona] to Veteran
“The 21-526 that was already submitted should suffice, a 21-527 should not need to be submitted. I consulted with my colleagues here in the office, and it does not at this time make sense why the VA would have sent you the form in the first place, especially since the 21-526 addresses all the same issues. The process does not need to be restarted.
The 21-8049 is used to bring down your countable income, as is the 21-8416. Just fill them out with the applicable information, sign them, and send them to me. As they are financial forms, I cannot sign them on your behalf.
Once they are filled out, we can submit the VCAA Notice Response as well stating that you have no more information to submit.
Who hand-wrote in "Combat Action Medal" on your DD 214? This seems out of place as only the Air Force has a Combat Action Medal. The Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps have a Combat Action Ribbon.
For right now, I will submit a 21-4138 stating that you request that the compensation claim be withdrawn, and request the VA move forward on pension only. Since we are withdrawing the claim for compensation, the 21-4142 no longer needs to be completed.”

"Brian O'Neil <>     Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 1:31 PM
To: Anthony O'Connell <>
“The VA will have to submit to NPRC for your records anyhow, so that should be reflected. The record from the VAMC reflects that you were Navy. Since there is already a claim folder in Honolulu for you, they should already have a DD 214 on file. We have also submitted to NPRC for your records, so you should receive a copy.
In the future, do not write information onto your official paperwork, as it invalidates the paperwork, and may actually be illegal. Veterans do not have the authority to adjust their own paperwork. If your DD 214 is missing something, then you have to submit a request to your branch of service to have a DD 215, which is a correction to the DD 214, generated. If you don't have the orders to show the award of a Combat Action Ribbon, and it is not annotated on your DD 214, then you are not authorized to wear or claim the Combat Action Ribbon. This is something that is very important, the last time I saw a veteran submit an altered DD 214 to the VA, the VA Inspector General launched an investigation of them, believing that the claimant was not the veteran, but instead stealing their identity. If you add something to your original paperwork, the VA has to presume the entire document is invalid. So if it was the one piece of paper that could prove your claim, they would not be able to use it, and could result in a denial. If you feel the need to clarify documents, we can do so seperately.
When you receive the records from NPRC, you can go into the Arizona Department of Veterans Services office that is closest to you, and they can make you certified true copies, and submit certified true copies of the NPRC records to the VA on your behalf. Or if you are up this way and would like to bring them in, I can do it for you”
Brian O'Neil
Arizona Department of Veteran's Services
Veterans Services Division
Veterans Benefits Counselor
Office (928) 443-0167
Fax (928) 443-1894"

February 1, 2012, (1:53pm) Brian O’Neill to Veteran
“Spoke to a Navy individual, he told me that all officers in the US Navy are considered to be in the Navy Reserve for their first year. I don't know if that has something to do with it.
I will submit the DD 214 to the VA, though since I haven't seen the original, I cannot stamp it as being certified true. But as I stated yesterday, we have in the record request to NPRC for them to send certified true copies to you. Since you have filed a claim previously, as shown by you being in the system, they may not even need the DD 214.
For the medical expenses, you generally go a year back.
I am here to assist, let me know if there is anything else.”

Power of Attorney

Mr. O'Neil brought up the topic of POA and I gave him POA on January 17, 2012. It took me four and a half years to see what he did with it. It took me until July 16, 2016, to see a copy of his document he prepared on February 2, 2012, and received by the Phoenix VA on February 7, 2012. It is impossible to find out what else he or anyone in AZDVS might have done with it. I cannot get it out of the their system.