The media is needed to tell people how the accounting fraudsters work. Government won't tell. The first thing the fraudsters do is divide, destabilize, and destroy the family they victimize. Divide and conquer. It's the perfect cover.



Arizona - Virginia

Arizona and Virginia hit me at the same time, like a one-two punch, on May 10-11, 2012. Both are surprises. Both disempower me financially. Both are against the law in multiple ways. Both are fraudulent. Both have trails that are insulated beyond belief.


May 10, 2012, (mailed May 11, 2012) - The Phoenix VA in Arizona tells me, in so many words, that my poverty pension application is buried in ambiguity and confusion. (Approximate pension value $5,784 per year).
Contact - Jeffrey McAdams (

The Arizona trail started on January 17, 2012, when I applied for a VA "economic" pension. This "pension" is for veteran's who live below the poverty line. It brings their income up to the poverty line.


May 11, 2012 - The Fairfax County Court in Virginia, through their law firm, notifies me that they have placed a lien for $27,669.42 against property I own. They won't identify the property. Since it was sent to Highland County, and the only property I own in Highland County is my farm. I'll assume, as a working hypotheses, that it is against my farm.
Contact - Director of the Department of Tax Administration (DTA) Kevin Greenlief (

The Virginia trail started on May 11, 2012, when the first lien was sent to Highland County, Virginia.*

*I use this point to keep it simple. It really started on October 23, 1992, when the ignoring of my Deed at bk8307p1446 started, which blocked me from selling the property the Deed describes, which forced to pay the real estate taxes until I ran out of money. This Deed continues to be ignored.

I believe the actual trigger for the lien to Highland County was my posting my first website on March 30, 2012, to try to expose the accounting at bk467p191. This accounting remains unexposed.  (first website)


Who would have thought that my trying to expose accounting fraud in Virginia would result in my properties in Virginia being illegally takenover. and the VA in Arizona framing me? Who would believe that my Deed as Trustee for the 15 acres in Fairfax County could be ignored for 25 years? And continous to be? Who would believe that in 25 years, not one member of the establishment has attempted to expose the accounting or protect our family. If VA Secretary Shurkin does not transfer me to a safe place for my promised care, the Tucson VA will disempower me to death.

(below) Brian O'Neil of AZDVS brought up the sunject of POA and I gave him POA.

(above) It took me until July 16, 2016, to see a copy of this.

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