The media is needed to tell people how the accounting fraudsters work. Government won't tell. The first thing the fraudsters do is divide, destabilize, and destroy the family they victimize. Divide and conquer. It's the perfect cover.



Fraudulent Power of Attorney  

This fraudulent Power of Attorney (POA), apparently prepared by Mr. James Jones at the Tucson AZDVS (Arizona Department of Veterans Services), is a virtual death sentence for me. I first saw it on 8/29/2017. It is dated 7/18/2016 [date signed]. It makes it appear that I gave Mr. James Jones Power of Attorney for AZDVS. This is not true.

I gave my actual POA to Mr Brian O'Neil at the Prescott AZDVS on 1/17/2012 [date signed] (page 6). Mr. O'Neil used it to frame me (page 7). The Director does not recognize page 6 or 7. Do you think the fraudulent POA (page 15) is intended to cover up and detract from page 6 and 7? What else has been put in my record that I don't know about? I have no control over it. The AZDVS is not supposed to frame veterans or cover it up

The public should know how their tax dollars are used to treat veterans. Director Wanda Wright of AZDVS ignores me. <> The establishment turns a blind eye. It is necessary to go around the establishment. Can anyone get the media to tell the public how this works? I am a dead man walking. This is a May Day.