The media is needed to tell people how the accounting fraudsters work. Government won't tell. The first thing the fraudsters do is divide, destabilize, and destroy the family they victimize. Divide and conquer. It's the perfect cover.



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Quotes from six letters

Jan28 (10:15am) Veteran to Brian O’Neil
“........ please drop skin cancer compension part of application. ........ I would like to continue to do the pension part of my application but I would like to drop the agent orange/skin cancer compensation part of my application........Should I restart the application process or modify what has already been submitted? ...."

Jan31 (9:34am) AZDVS (Brian O’Neill) to Veteran
The process does not need to be restarted.......For right now," I will submit a 21-4138 stating that you request that the compensation claim be withdrawn, and request the VA move forward on pension only

May10 (regular mail, mailed May11) Phoenix VA (Jeffery McAdams) to Veteran
"..... We have received your typed statement on February 7, 2012, stating that you wish to withdraw your claim for *Skin cancer ...."

May14 (9:21am) AZDVS in Prescott, Arizona (Brian O’Neil) to Veteran
" .... VA withdrew your request for compensation of skin cancer, based on a typed statement that they received on February 7, 2012. ..."

May17 (9:05am) AZDVS in Prescott, Arizona (Brian O’Neil) to Veteran
“......... Statement submitted on February 7, 2012 that you would like to withdraw claim for skin cancer......"

May25 (postal mail) VA in Miniapolus. Minnesota (T. A. Olson) (PMC) to Veteran
" ..... In making our decision, in addition to the evidence in the attached rating, we used the following
evidence: *VA Form 21-4138, Statement in Support of claim, received February 7, 2012 ....."